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This page provides detailed information on the features of the ShieldUI jQuery HTML5 grid plugin, as well as fully functional examples of some of them.
For a complete list of features, visit the following DEMO section.


Sorting is a core functionality for any grid component. It is supported by default and allows multi and single column sorting.
Additionally, the widget allows sorting via code, thanks to its flexible API.


Paging is another core functionality, integrated into the grid widget. The pager is actually a separate widget, integrated into the grid.
The paging mechanism allows full control over the rendering of the pager elements, their number, position and styling.
In addition to the default paging mechanism, the control allows paging via custom code, to allow for extra flexibility.


The jQuery Grid component allows both horizontal and vertical scrolling.
This is useful when working with limited space and coping with large sets of data to display.


The ShieldUI jQuery widget allows an easy and intuitive creation of hierarchy layouts.
This is achieved thanks to the flexible rendering mechanism of the component, by simply specifying the inner-view, which will constitute the hierarchical relation in the control.


Virtualization is a very important grid feature, which allows loading only a portion of a very large dataset.
This is important optimization feature, which allows significant speedup. In this way, binding to as many as 1 million items is not a problem.


The Selection allows user interaction and highlighting of individual items from the ShieldUI jquery grid.
This feature supports both single and multiple user selection, on a row or cell level.
In addition to this, the control supports a large set of API options, to allow triggering any type of grid selection via code.


The grid component takes advantage of shieldDataSource control binding mechanism.
The grid uses it internally and receive the resolved data from it.
All data binding configurations are applied via the datasource property, which passes all options to the shieldDataSource control internally.
The control can be bound easily to local or remote data, as well as xml, or even initialized from a simple table.

Column Templates

The grid widget supports out-of-the-box nesting custom controls in its cells.
This is useful when handging custom scenarios, which require special visualizations, or user interactions well beyong a simple text cell.
The example below demonstrates an integration with the ShieldUI Rating widget.

Additional Features

The control supports far more features that the ones listed here. These are:
Filtering Master-Detail layout Real-Time Updates Conditional Formatting Events RTL Support Row Detail Templates Row Templates Cell Templates Column Templates Multi Column Headers Foreigh key Columns Column Rerder Column Resize Full Editing Support
For a complete list of features, visit the following DEMO section.