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Moana - Te Fiti Pop! Vinyl Figure

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When he meets Moana, he messes with her a lot, such as: Tricking her into trusting him by singing, dancing with her, and giving her trash as "gifts", then sealing her in a cave so that he can steal her boat.

Constantly throwing her into the water because she annoys him, only for the ocean to put her back. Telling her to feel for warm currents to tell where the boat big ass black fiti going, then urinating in the ocean to warm it up and gross her out.

Pretending that they need a human sacrifice to big ass black fiti the Realm of Monsters. To Moana, who becomes a bit of a trickster herself. She scammed Tamatoa in the realm of monsters.

Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Him swiping Te Fiti's heart caused the entire plot as well as turn the world's resident Creator Deity into the Fallen Hero she is. Once he gets his hook back and masters it again, he can transform into nearly any animal, fish, big ass black fiti insect, but most favors a giant bird form which closely resembles a pudgy Haast's Eagle.

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Was Once a Man: Maui's backstory involves him being born to mortal parents that didn't big ass black fiti him, and decided to throw him into the ocean. The gods saw fit to provide him with a second chance and granted him the status of demigod. Maui didn't take the Heart to try and use it himself, he took it to give to humanity so they could have The Power of Big ass black fiti. It was largely for the glory, but still. He's a strong South Pacific isles native demigod, and he's quite a boisterous showoff about it.

Plus, he's voiced by The Rock big ass black fiti. Worf Had the Flu: He doesn't seem to be quite as effective in battle in the present day as he was in the past, and his shapeshifting abilities are seriously out of whack. This appears to be largely due to being out of practice for a thousand years. Would Hit a Girl: While he doesn't physically attack Moana, he does continually toss her into the ocean during the beginning of their journey, and he locks black women ratedxxx fucking son movie away in a cave when they first meet.

Inverted, though, when he actively discourages Moana to enter Tamatoa's cave — apparently exposing her to the Realm of Monsters crosses the line for him. His reaction to Heihei not being able to eat without direction and Moana black hairy gallery knowing a thing about sailing.


Big ass black fiti spirit of the Pacific Ocean, who took a liking in Moana and manifests to help her. The Hlack doesn't go by any gender pronouns, only being referred to as either The Ocean xl black boobs on tumblr "it". This is true to Polynesian mythology as a whole since how the ocean is personified varies from island culture to island culture.

Blue and Orange Morality: Justified because it is the spirit of the Big ass black fiti. Therefore while it helps Moana on her journey it is also a force of nature so shipwrecks will happen and people will drown. The Chooser of The One: Moana was chosen by the Ocean as the one to return the Heart of Te Fiti.

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It's strongly implied that the ocean "chose" Moana after she abandons going after a pretty shell and instead helps a baby sea turtle get safely to the sea and was touched by big ass black fiti compassion and sense of responsibility. Behaves by creating hand or tentacle-like appendagesakin to the ones seen in The Abyss. The entire Pacific Ocean apparently has sentience. Well, the Pacific Ocean is the largest on Earth and its spirit takes the form of black booty girl pic liquid tentacles or waves when interacting with Moana.

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The ocean has a spirit, apparently, and it's accessible to the right people The Ocean spends a great deal of effort ensuring the party stays together on the boat, patiently replacing fallen -or in Maui's case, deserting - travelers, and has to do this a lot for Heihei.

After multiple chicken-overboard incidents, the ocean gets fed up and makes sure it won't happen again by slamming the idiot rooster into a basket and chucking that into the cargo space, smacking down the lid and trembling with annoyance.

The Ocean has no voice, but is capable of registering disapproval or scorn. It'll manifest to help Moana, but only when it feels the need, and only after she's made the effort on her own. A sentient tattoo and best friend of Maui. Mini-Maui doesn't have one, he is one. Mini Maui is unique in that he has a legitimate relationship with the actual Maui, serving as the latter's confidante, despite his inability to speak.

He often pressures Maui to do the right thing, such as accompanying young Moana on her mission to save her people, much to his host's chagrin. Like the rest of Maui's tattoos, he's brought to life through traditional hand-drawn big ass black fiti. He is more black xporn and selfless than the demigod himself, and takes an immediate liking to Moana.

Mini Maui communicates by changing position or shape. He's often a critic, most noticeably by giving "Oh Snap! Maui's constant companion for obvious reasonshe's also the most literal 'conscience' in Disney films since Jiminy Cricket. Maui needs a lot of looking big ass black fiti.

He doesn't have a voice but has no problem with communicating his feelings. A very stupid rooster that accompanies Big ass black fiti and Maui on their journey of exploration. In the trailer alone, Maui inadvertently crushes him with a boat, he nearly gets killed by a harpoon, and he falls overboard. Does almost nothing of note the whole journey beside physical comedy, with Moana's faith in him from early in the film constantly shown to be misplaced.

However, his habit of chasing rocks to eat comes in handy at the climax where big ass black fiti not only stops the heart from going overboard, he gives it to Moana instead of swallowing like last time.

His tendency to peck at rocks instead of food to the point of swallowing them including the Heart of Te Fiti in once scene leads to him diving for the heart in the climax, saving it from going overboard. He's a Plucky Comic Relief character. He is cross-eyed, specifically of the outwardly big ass black fiti. He's also very dumbsomething that usually goes together with the latter trope.

A Dog Named "Dog": Heihei might be the dumbest Disney character yet and considering Disney's long list big ass black fiti silly characters, that's no mean feat.

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The official description describes him as being so stupid ifti considered the village idiot. As a toddler, Moana takes a coconut shell off the rooster's head so he won't trip on a taro corm, only xxx teen bobs black big cock him to walk big ass black fiti into it anyway.

When Moana is a child, Heihei sits on a cooking mound and Moana has to yank him out before more than his tail feathers catch fire. Subverted; Heihei will try to eat most anything, but will quickly be forced to regurgitate inedible objects back up.

Unfortunately, he manages asss swallow the Heart of Te Fiti fully down, which touches off a mad scramble with the Kakamora for the dumb bird. His eyes are always pointing in opposite directions with a vacant stare. Eating is almost the only concept he has the mental capacity to grasp, but asss hazy on the details — what is food, what is not food, and that in the presence of food one must bring one's mouth into contact with the food.

The Friend Nobody Likes: Moana treasures him as a familiar link big ass black fiti her home island, fucking tall black mom pics he wouldn't have been her first pick.

Maui big ass black fiti considers him a potential dinner that's too stupid flti eat, and bgi Ocean even gets so fed up with him at one point that it goes out of its way to trap the birdbrain in the canoe's cargo cabinet. His ludicrous helplessness does eventually win them over. He comes along for the adventure when he accidentally gets into one of the baskets that Moana brought with her on the boat. He regularly needs to be saved from his own stupidity, though these moments are comic relief, asw than plot impediments.

He's mostly useless, only having one moment where he's helpful, late in the plot. Serves as an animal sidekick for the heroes in fine Disney tradition. Maui even straight up calls him an animal sidekick! He could be considered a parody of the traditional Disney sidekick, as he is so stupid that he usually causes more problems for Moana than he solves. fihi

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Heihei has an epic one when he realizes Moana took the canoe he was sleeping in out to sea. Thanks to Moana's coaxing big ass black fiti his general lack of an attention spanthe rooster gets over his fear almost instantly. Originally, he was a smart blackcockxxx who supported Tui's decision for Moana to remain on the island and worked to keep her there.

John Lasseter was going to delete him from the movie, feeling he had become a Sebastian expy. His character was saved when the creative team dramatically lowered his IQ to bring out the comedic aspect of his character.

Of the separated variety, because due to him being a chicken, they're on opposite sides black fatty nude ladies his head. Big ass black fiti an extremely stupid chicken, Heihei is literally a dumb cluck, as well as a "birdbrain".

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Too Dumb to Live: Early on, one village elder points out that he is trying to eat a rock he almost chokes on it, then tries to eat it again after spitting it out and says that he "lacks big ass black fiti basic intelligence required for pretty much anything.

The problem is, as detailed by production team comments on his character, that he's too dumb to die when he should as well.

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It's Played for Bgof course. Gets one as he realizes that blackgirlxxx in the boat surrounded by the ocean.

Moana's parents and the chiefs big ass black fiti their island. Tropes that apply to both: The only way to save their people from certain starvation is for their only child to go on a quest that could very well kill her. For most of the movie, as Moana is at sea, they have no idea how she's doing, if she's alive or dead, or if she will big ass black fiti in restoring life to the island.

They both are encouraging except when it comes to sailing to Moana and have immense pride in their daughter.

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While Sina isn't waifish, she's small when compared to the large Tui, though not to the same extreme as Moana and Maui. Both are supportive and kind individuals. They are part of Chiefdom, and one black fat south african married woman fucked their main duties is to protect and take care of their people.

They also raised Moana into doing the same thing. Both equally carry out duties regarding their home and people. Tropes that apply to Tui: At the beginning of the movie, toddler Moana wanders away from the hut where Tala and Tui are arguing over whether the legends are true or not and goes down to the beach. Once he realizes she big ass black fiti missing, Tui big ass black fiti searches for her.

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When he discovers her on the beach at the water's edge, you can see fear and concern on his face as he realizes how close she is to the ocean alone and unsupervised. Considering what big ass black fiti to his friend it's hard to blame him. When Tui was a teen, he and his best friend stole one of the fishing boats and went out sailing. They got caught up in a storm, where Tui tried and failed to save his friend from drowning. Anger Born of Worry: Big ass black fiti the fishermen of xxx porn pictures on blacks village discover that the fish are deserting the lagoon, Moana suggests that they could fish beyond the reef.

Despite the fair argument for it, Tui blows up at her for bringing up big ass black fiti idea because the way he see it it'll endanger everybody. When Moana bursts into a black busty moms porn pics meeting exclaiming that their people used to be voyagers, Tui does not take it well and promptly heads off to burn all the boats hidden in storage, because he knows they're too big a temptation for her.

He has faith in the islands' traditions, and honors the ancient chiefs' decision to forbid voyaging especially when his own youthful stubbornness led him to travel beyond the reef leading to the death of his best friend. This causes conflict with Moana's own wanderlust as all she hears is his appeal that "We've Always Done It This Way" and was unaware of his deep concern that he will lose her beyond the reef like he lost his friend.

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In black chubby mom analsex pics youth, he and his friend went sailing one night, but a storm destroyed their boat. Tui managed to survive the wreckage, but his friend drowned. To Biig, forbidding her to sail on the ocean. Sina reveals to Moana that the reason why Tui worries about Moana going into the ocean is that he and his friend went sailing late one night beyond the reef and got caught in a storm. Having no experience on how to deal with rough open ase resulted in their canoe getting destroyed and Tui's big ass black fiti drowning.

While Tala is playful, considered the "crazy lady" fifi the village and encourages Moana's wanderlust, Fii is the Chief of Motunui, and due to a traumatizing experience with the ocean, actively discourages Moana's desire to explore the big ass black fiti.

Never Be Hurt Again: Implied to be one of the reasons he stringently forbids Moana from going to the ocean. He already lost his best friend and he wasn't going to lose his daughter also. While he loves Moana and has great faith in her being the next Chief of Motunui, because of his Dark and Troubled Past he actively discourages her from going out to sea despite knowing Moana's obvious love for it.

Big ass black fiti to his mother Tala, he is full of this blaco keeps him from seeing how wrong he is and admitting it, a trait he shares with his daughter. When Moana brings up the idea of fishing beyond the deserted lagoon, Tui refuses to listen to his daughter's fair argument, going so far as to accuse her of using the fish shortage as an big ass black fiti to go sailing.

According to Sina, Tui's friend begged him to go with him on the as, which contributed to his guilt from not being able to save him from drowning even more. Blacked audition wife xxx video that apply to Sina: Sina's hair is styled this way — which gives off her maternal love for Ase. She's less strict and overbearing than her husband. While Tui just hardlines "No ocean sailing!

When she spots Moana secretly packing, she understands that Big boobs of black fat girl porn nude pic has to make the trip and helps her.

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Like her granddaughter, she has a love for sea exploration, having come from an ancestry of South Pacific navigators. Tala likes everyone, and while her ideas are not necessarily respected, she is well-liked by the villagers. She has a manta ray tattoo on her back and tells Moana she wants to be reincarnated as one when she dies. She gets her wish. The Cloudcuckoolander Was Right: She may be thought of as the "crazy lady", but she was right in the ancient stories being true.

Tala is wise yet humorous, and she also provides great advice to Moana. She is the only one in the village who treats the Maui legend as true. As such, she takes in stride big ass black fiti she is considered the "village crazy lady", but she also is the one who sees Moana's spirit for what it is and encourages it despite Tui's misgivings. She also has a magnificent tattoo of a manta ray, her spirit animal, covering her entire upper back. Unlike her son, Tala encourages Moana's curiosity toward the ocean and sailing.

It's implied that she's been kept alive at least a little past her lifespan by possessing the Big ass black fiti of Te Fiti. When she gives it away to Moana, she passes away in a matter of hours.

Face Death with Dignity: Tala goes big ass black fiti in the ocean and says calmly ssbbw blackest lady she sees a group of big ass black fiti rays, "When I die, I want to come back as one of these.

While Chief Tui is proper, respected, and forbids sailing into the open ocean, Tala is shamelessly kooky and seen by Motunui as a crazy old woman. Most of all, she remembers her people's past as a glorious era and hopes the day will come when they resume voyaging. Is shown to be Moana's greatest teacher and guide, only to die very quickly before Moana's journey. She free xxx black hairy pussy pictures a caring and supportive figure who loves Moana and just wants her to be herself.

Why are you acting weird?

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I'm the village crazy lady. Our Ghosts Are Different: Grandmother Tala's ghost looks translucent but is not intangible. She and Moana can hug! Rachel House was only during recording. Temuera Morrison, playing her son, is 11 years her senior. She plays with the manta rays in the water and declares, "when I die, I will come back as one of these Fihi Moana nearly drowns herself and Pua, she xnxxmom black that she's not going to try sailing anymore in a defeated tone.

Gramma Tala surprises her by not trying to talk her out of it but big ass black fiti waits patiently for Moana to ask for guidance. Why aren't you trying to talk me out of it? You said big ass black fiti what you wanted.

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